3 Road-side Emergency Tips

Life isn’t always naturally glamorous…
Correction: Life is never naturally glamorous. It’s up to us- and how we handle the situation. 

Here are 3 ways to turn a bad road trip situation rightside up ft. Last night’s break down. 

1. Stay Calm : Breathe
This might come naturally to some, but for me this has been a life struggle. 
Last night when our check engine light came on blinking and the car felt twitchy with misfiring we were stressed. It’s not my car so it was extremely important for me to be a calm presence. We both took a deep breath, and knew that at 1:30 AM we were stuck in that pull off for the night. This would usually make me crazy with anxiety, but I saved myself with the combination of learning to just breathe and being prepared, which leads me to my next point. 

2. Be Prepared : Always Be Safe
Part of my ability to stay calm comes from being prepared for whatever may happen. This doesn’t mean packing home into the car. It does mean packing what’s necessary to get by for a night or two. We like to be self-sustainable in situations like last night. We had a tent, 2 headlamps, a lantern, extra water, 2 cliff bars, toilet paper, and extra blankets. We also have rain gear and we stopped in a spot with cell service for the morning tow truck call (and to send a location to a friend). My Dad also bought us a 300 piece emergency roadside kit that’s always in the car (total Dad move.. and we’ve used it countless times. Thanks Pops!) It’s important to have most of these things on any trip through a rural area. Being prepared makes life easy. And sleeping in the car makes having a tent look pretty glam I must say. Especially our beautiful Tepui tent from Exploration Outfitters. True unmatched love for this tent. 

3. Consider Your Options : Communicate
When confronted with an issue on the road the situation can get bad very fast. It could be a dark, low-travel road with no phone service. It could be 100 miles to the nearest gas station. It could be your only option to camp roadside. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to communicate with your trip buds (even yourself!) and lay out the thoughts/ game plan. What’s most important? Do we need food? Are we safe here? I spent a portion of last night not listening to my own advice.. and freaking out. I was afraid for our safety while camping roadside. It was a somewhat sleepless night.  Everything went fine. And as for the future? Maybe I’ll react the same way, maybe I’ve learned to trust. Won’t know til it happens. Until then I just hope to help someone with reacting well to a roadside emergency. 

>> Shout out to Johnson’s Towing. Those guys picked us up and fixed our cars massive problem in 2 hours. We are so incredibly grateful and happily on the road. <<

Hugs & tow trucks