Heaven Hill Trails- A Short Walk Through the Woods

Instead of staying inside and not enjoying the day before work, my partner and I decided to take a picnic trip to Heaven Hill in Lake Placid. This is a trail system comprised of short hikes through the woods and in open fields. We decided to do both the Big Field Loop and the Old Orchard Loop.

Every time I’ve walked this trail runners and walkers are present with their super kind and adorable pups. It’s definitely not a quiet trail if that’s what you’re seeking, but it isn’t over saturated. Lovely views are everywhere. Each field provides a different angle of the peaks. The forest surrounding the fields is lush and dense. It was full of birds during this short trip.

We were about halfway through our stroll when we heard what sounded like someone starting a large farm vehicle- turned out to be thunder. It was a good thing we both had rain coats for this chance storm. Mine was used for protecting my camera and I got soaked, but it was a warm pre-summer rain and quite lovely to embrace. The coolest part about this experience is that when we made it to the Old Orchard the storm had moved over the peaks. This provided us with a view of the now sunny day over us, and the storm emptying over the mountains. It was certainly worth the wet.

All in all Heaven Hill Farm is definitely worth a check in. On a day when you’re short of time it’s the perfect option. It isn’t far from town, and the trail is short without too much elevation gain. This trail is perfect for running and cross country skiing as well. For specifics and directions check here.

Thanks for reading, and remember that the outdoors are always there just waiting for us to meet up with them. They’re super forgiving and won’t give us a hard time for taking some space, but they’re always missing us. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get out there, just take it!

Hugs and Backpacks,