Road Trip Revelation #1: Nobody Cares

Even though it’s only been 10 days I’ve learned quite a few life lessons on this road trip. One of my favorites so far is that even though we might think something matters, NOBODY CARES. Nobody cares what I’m wearing, nobody cares what I’m eating, nobody cares how long I’m in the bathroom, nobody cares how many times I wash my face or brush my teeth, or eat chocolate for breakfast. Nobody cares that I packed too much, or haven’t been thinking ahead as much as I usually do. Nobody cares that I’ve been caught up in all of my moments and haven’t given thought to the days or weeks. 
I’ll tell you someone who does care though, MY BODY. Our bodies are who’s actually important and that’s who’s benefiting from, or being cut down by our life choices. This revelation is one typically found while traveling; the longer the trip the better it sticks. 

This trip has provided us with all 4 climates, with snow in Buffalo and Ohio, to 90 in sunny Florida. I’ve eaten junk food for days in a row followed by an unfamiliar break out and slight weight gain over a couple of weeks. Emotional break downs and bickering for no reason. After ALL of that came the realization that my body and thoughts need to come first, before anything else at all. Because NOBODY ELSE CARES. 
For packing too much I’ve come up with this: I went through my bag and took out most of the things that were overkill and stuffed them into a bag not to be touched in the bottom of the car. It worked this time because we’re only driving and have plenty of space, but in the future overpacking is absolutely not an option. There’s nothing I need that I couldn’t buy while here or live without. As long as you have a couple of comfortable outfits, a bunch of underwear, your facewash, plenty of moisturizer, a toothbrush, and a comb, life is good. (Because NOBODY CARES if you wear the same thing 6 times, and we do anyway! We all do!) This is a large life lesson for my future travels. I thought that downsizing to a backpack was the answer and it’s not. It’s not about fitting into one space it’s about what we actually need. And we don’t need much. Furthermore I believe that having few things and living without many choices teaches us. We have too much in America and are used to it; constantly traveling with multiple suitcases and burdening ourselves with the mass. It is truly freeing to let all of that go. 
As for thinking ahead, sometimes when things are moving quickly we have to stop and consider where our priorities have been. Mine have been caught up. I get very bogged down by what’s going on with everyone else and don’t worry enough about myself. When I really sit down and think about what I need and about what my body is feeling, life is much simpler. 

Doing some yoga every day and getting a full serving of fruits and vegetables along with cutting out some drinking and getting enough sleep are what I need. Instead of worrying what the others in our company might like we need to worry about ourselves, our health. (Because realistically NOBODY CARES what you eat! That’s on you! And your body will thank you not anyone else!) While traveling our routines have a tendency to escape us. It’s important to step back and remember who we are. We are always number one to ourselves. 
Jim and I still have some time left on this trip and no family to lean on. We’ll be camping from here on out and the real life lessons will begin. So stay tuned for some more revelations by Bee. 
Hugs and backpacks,